long time no chat

I’m back in America. My third week here! I got about two weeks at home before school started up again (but only one week with the whole family.). However, I only just (Aug. 25) finished my final paper for the course Masculinity in the United States. So waiting for that final grade to come in! Everything else is looking good.

But today was a wonderful day, because I got back to working at the Penn State Alumni Association! Which might be odd to be so excited about, but I’ve missed the people and the numbers/analytics and just the feeling that I’m making some difference in a community.

Plus, I got a super official looking name plate!

my new name tag at the Alumni Association

I’m going to be working through my photos and posting updates on my (now over) travels as I go through the images. So be prepared! (Though it might be a while until I fully catch up!)

Also there was a dinosaur on campus today.

trex chilling outside of Willard

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