Together Again

This weekend, Simi, Chelsea and I roadtripped up to New Jersey to visit the missing person in our little quartet: the lovely Shweta!


She’s currently away from Penn State on a co-op, and the four of us haven’t been together in what feels like a year! (Even though it was only around 8 months…) So it was great for all four of us to hang out again! We even made it into NYC and did lots of fun stuff.

DSC_9741 edit 1

I took some photos (and so did everyone else, and their photos turned out better than mine! #jealous)

DSC_9403 edit



I borrowed a macro lens from the College of Comm to play with, and it was super cool! I didn’t quite get the focusing down (oops? not sure what was going on), but hopefully I’ll try again next weekend. (A trip to the Arboretum is in my future. So excited for the pumpkin fest when that happens!)

DSC_9298 edit

This quick series of the dog is by far some of my fav photos I took. We have this competition every week in my photojournalism class to post a picture and the best (as voted by the class) gets extra credit. I wanted to post the dog, but the professor says people must be in the photos. It makes sense, but look how cute the dog is!! (I won this week with the sand art photo from above.)




One thought on “Together Again

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! like your little quartet picture but you are missing from it. Liked the dog also. Who won the picture of the week, this week? If I was to send you, Simi and Chelsea little Halloween Mummies; what would you like in each one. I could put pistachios in yours or what ever you want. Just let me know. Take care, have a great day! xoxo


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