Journey to Mars: A Fantastic Event

Below is some of the information regarding my year long project for COMM 471: Public Relations Media and Methods. While the entire Communications Plan is not copied below, I have linked to some of the main graphics and information.

This project was inspired by my work with the Penn State Lunar Lion Team and by my love of space exploration. While I was working on the project, I also accepted an offer to intern at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where I learned that my event probably could not be executed the way I planned, but the ideas and messages behind the project remain relevant.

Professor Renea Nichols said this about my work:

Congrats to Megan Krause of my Tuesday/Thursday Comm 471 for delivering an amazing creative media kit. Since I was not in the office to receive it, I learned about it from my colleagues who delivered it to my home. They wouldn’t leave my house until I opened it. “I just have to know what’s inside,” said one. That’s just the reaction you want the media to have when you send them press material/pitch. There was even dried astronaut ice cream inside.

Megan gets a “WOW” from me (rare). I’m sure the media materials are equally impressive. For those who do not know, Megan completed the final project by herself because she was passionate about working for NASA and no one else wanted to join her team.

Thanks Megan for bring a much-need smile to my face.

[…] a project that is one of the most well written ones I have read in a long time. […] I shared the creative with you, but wanted to share the website and APP she developed because it demonstrates what can be achieve when you’re passionate about your work. Her PR tools were all well written, cohesive and professionally executed to the PR principles taught this semester. Was the project perfect? Of course not. But, she exceeded expectations and achieved what I know all students are capable of achieving in this course — if they take what is learned, apply the principles and push themselves.

For the project, I created a strategic communications plan for an imaginary Journey to Mars event to engage over 2,000 eighth graders and 150 teachers in the Pittsburgh School District.

The plan included extensive secondary research on current Mars missions, NASA’s outreach activities for students underrepresented in STEM, and the current space climate. It included an sample creative media kit with standard PR materials such as a pitch letter, fact sheets, and media advisory as well as more creative elements such as infographics and posters, all focused on the messaging outlined in the plan. There was also a mocked microsite, newsletter, blog and other elements.

Please leave me a comment either here or on my LinkedIn if you have any questions.